The Bylines Podcast

The Wellbeing of a Nation: David Murray

Bylines Scotland writer, David Murray, discusses his two-part article “Journey to a wellbeing economy” which examines the radical steps an independent Scotland will have to take in order to build the foundation for the next stage in the advancement of Scots and of humanity.

Wildfish: Saving the Salmon

Rachel Mulrenan, from the charity, Wildfish. This month, Wildfish made a legal complaint to Environmental Standards Scotland claiming the Scottish Environment Protection Agency is failing to protect endangered wild salmon from sea lice parasites.

“Shattered Nation”: Danny Dorling

Danny Dorling, professor at Oxford University holding the Halford Mackinder Professorship in Geography, talks about his latest book “Shattered Nation”, which seeks an answer to the question of how Britain has become divided.

Budget Special.

Polly Jones, Head of the Trussell Trust in Scotland, gives her reaction to the Budget.

Yes Minister?

LEIGHTON ANDREWS, Professor of Practice in Public Service Leadership and Innovation at Cardiff Business School,  and ex-minister in the Welsh Government, talks about his new book, "Ministerial Leadership" which examines the relationship between government ministers and their senior civil servants.

“Breathtaking”: Could it happen again?

Dr Dan Goyal, NHS Medical Consultant and Bylines Scotland's Health Policy Editor talks about the ITV series "Breathtaking" and his own experience in working on the NHS frontline during the Covid pandemic.

Monarchy, Constitution and Identity!

Bylines Scotland's Susie Porter, talks to Ronnie Barbour about her recent article: "Scotland’s sentiments for the monarchy: a growing call for constitutional change".

Killing the BBC.

Bylines Scotland's contributor, Martin Roche, discusess his recent article: "The plot to kill the BBC".

Scotland’s WASPI Women Fight On!

Anne Potter, coordinator for Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Dunbartonshire and Renfrewshire WASPI Women's group, tells Ronnie how Scottish women are still fighting for justice. .





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